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The Dog First Aid course equips individuals with essential skills to handle canine emergencies. Learn to be prepared, assess emergencies, and administer immediate care. Topics include trauma, poisonings, insect bites, heatstroke, seizures, and CPR for dogs. Suitable for dog owners, pet sitters, trainers, and caregivers. Actual course content may vary.

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4 hours, 33 minutes
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The Dog First Aid course provides essential training for individuals to handle emergency situations and administer immediate care to dogs. This comprehensive course comprises various modules that cover a wide range of topics related to canine first aid. Participants will learn how to be prepared for dog-related emergencies, including the necessary knowledge and skills to assemble a well-stocked first aid kit specifically designed for dogs.

The course focuses on assessing canine emergency patients, teaching participants how to evaluate the condition of an injured or ill dog. It covers topics such as trauma, poisonings, and bites from ticks, spiders, and other insects, providing participants with valuable insights into identifying and addressing these common hazards. Participants will also learn how to handle heatstroke, hypothermia, seizures, and other critical situations that can affect dogs. Additionally, the course includes training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for dogs, equipping participants with life-saving techniques.

By completing the Dog First Aid course, individuals will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to respond effectively in canine emergencies. This course is suitable for dog owners, pet sitters, dog trainers, and anyone involved in caring for dogs. Please note that the actual course content and duration may vary depending on the specific program or institution offering the Dog First Aid course.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to be prepared for dog-related emergencies
  • Building and maintaining a comprehensive first aid kit for dogs
  • Assessing the condition of an injured or ill dog during an emergency
  • Responding to trauma and providing immediate care
  • Identifying and managing poisonings in dogs
  • Recognizing and treating tick bites, spider bites, and other insect-related issues
  • Handling heatstroke, hypothermia, and seizures in dogs
  • Learning cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques for dogs
  • Developing the skills to administer immediate care and potentially save a dog's life in critical situations

Who Should Take The Course?

  • Dog owners and pet parents who want to be prepared for emergencies involving their dogs
  • Pet care professionals such as dog walkers, pet sitters, and groomers who work with dogs on a regular basis
  • Veterinary professionals or vet assistants looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in canine first aid
  • Animal shelter or rescue workers who handle dogs and want to ensure their well-being in emergency situations
  • Dog trainers and behaviorists who want to be equipped to respond to medical emergencies during training sessions
  • Anyone interested in learning how to provide immediate care and first aid to dogs in times of need.


  • No prerequisites required
  • Basic understanding of dogs is beneficial
  • Internet access and a device to participate in the online course
  • Genuine interest in learning dog first aid
  • Not a substitute for professional veterinary care

Course Curriculum

    • Module 1: Being Prepared 00:18:00
    • Module 02: The First Aid Kit for Your Dog 00:25:00
    • Module 03: Assessing the Canine Emergency Patient 00:36:00
    • Module 04: Trauma 00:47:00
    • Module 05: Poisonings 00:30:00
    • Module 06: Ticks, Spiders and other Insects 00:40:00
    • Module 7: Heatstroke, Hypothermia, Seizures 00:42:00
    • Module 08: Others: CPR 00:30:00
    • Order Certificate 00:05:00

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