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Enroll in our Advanced WooCommerce Customization Training for Freelancers to gain the skills and expertise needed to excel in the competitive world of eCommerce development, meet client demands, and offer unique, custom solutions.

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2 hours, 55 minutes
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Dive into the world of eCommerce and WooCommerce customization with our "Advanced WooCommerce Customization Training for Freelancers." This in-depth course is tailored for freelancers and aspiring eCommerce developers looking to take their WooCommerce skills to the next level. From setting up one-page and multi-step checkouts to configuring PDF invoicing, refund systems, and accepting cryptocurrencies, this course provides the knowledge and expertise required to meet the unique demands of eCommerce clients.

What Will You Learn?

  • Master the art of setting up one-page checkouts for seamless customer experiences.
  • Explore multi-step checkout configurations for complex order processing.
  • Customize checkout fields to cater to specific business requirements.
  • Generate professional PDF invoices and packaging slips.
  • Configure return and refund systems to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Implement a wallet system for eCommerce websites, allowing secure transactions.
  • Learn the ins and outs of creating and managing coupon codes and rules.
  • Discover how to sell digital products efficiently through WooCommerce.
  • Accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method, keeping up with emerging trends in eCommerce.

Who Should Take The Course?

  • Freelancers and developers looking to expand their WooCommerce customization skills.
  • Aspiring eCommerce professionals aiming to cater to diverse client needs.
  • Web designers and developers interested in eCommerce website customization.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to manage their eCommerce platforms effectively.


  • A basic understanding of WooCommerce and eCommerce concepts is recommended.
  • Access to a computer with WooCommerce installed (a local or remote eCommerce setup).
  • Enthusiasm for eCommerce customization and a desire to offer tailored solutions to clients.

Course Curriculum

    • Introduction 00:08:00
    • Set-up One Page check-out 00:11:00
    • Let’s learn to Set-up Multi-step check-out 00:13:00
    • Learn to Customize Check out fields 00:14:00
    • PDF Invoicing and Packaging Slip Generation 00:23:00
    • Configure Return and Refund system 00:37:00
    • Have a Wallet System for an eCommerce website 00:14:00
    • Learn all about Coupons Codes and Rules 00:16:00
    • Learn to sell Digital products 00:09:00
    • Accept Crypto Currencies 00:13:00
    • Bonus Lecture 00:12:00
    • Order Certificate 00:05:00

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