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This Advanced Pest Control course covers the latest techniques for managing common pests, such as bees, mosquitos, termites, and cockroaches. You'll learn about various pesticides and protective equipment, as well as how to develop effective control plans.

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6 hours, 36 minutes
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This Advanced Pest Control course covers the latest techniques and strategies for managing a wide range of common pests. You'll learn about various pesticides and their application methods, as well as the proper use of protective equipment.

We'll delve into specific pest types such as bees, mosquitos, termites, ants, spiders, bark beetles, ticks, and cockroaches, exploring their biology and habits to develop effective control plans. Additionally, the course includes a section on pesticide applicators, covering legal requirements and best practices for safe and effective use. By the end of this course, you'll have the knowledge and skills to tackle any pest control challenge with confidence.

What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding different types of pesticides and their use in pest control
  • Safety precautions for handling and applying pesticides
  • Identifying and interpreting pesticide labels and instructions
  • Understanding bee behavior and habitats
  • Identifying common bee species and their role in ecosystems
  • Safely removing and relocating bee colonies
  • Identifying mosquito and midge species and their habitats
  • Understanding the life cycle and behavior of mosquitos and midges
  • Effective methods for controlling mosquitos and midges

Who Should Take The Course

This Advanced Pest Control course is designed for professionals in the pest control industry or individuals interested in pursuing a career in pest control. It is suitable for pest control technicians, exterminators, and anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of pest control techniques and practices.


The Advanced Pest Control course is designed for professionals who are already knowledgeable about the basics of pest control and want to expand their expertise. Participants should have a good understanding of pesticide use and safety regulations. It is recommended to have prior experience in pest control or a related field.

Course Curriculum

    • Pesticide 00:43:00
    • Bee Section 00:52:00
    • Mosquitos and Midges 00:30:00
    • Termites and Ants 00:43:00
    • Spiders 00:45:00
    • Bark Beetles 00:38:00
    • Ticks 00:41:00
    • Cockroaches 00:39:00
    • Pesticide Applicator Section 01:00:00
    • Order Certificate 00:05:00

Course Reviews


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  1. avatar Nail Technician
    Not good

    I have compleated this course thinking that i would recevie a FREE certificate at the end to add to my CPD development, to get to the end to find out that i have to pay for the course. I think this is false advertising and very missleading.

  2. avatar Nail Technician
    No Certificate

    it is supposed to come with a free PDF certificate however it charges for it after

  3. avatar Nail Technician
    Not good for even Beginners

    I was expecting to learn more about the Behavior of particular insects, and specific insecticide control measures, and what fails and works – knowledge. however, this is not even basic knowledge, might be useful to get just an idea of a few concepts but nothing has been touched in detail and you can hardly get any value. there is a glossary of terms, which you can anyways find by googling certain terms. I was not accepting a glossary of words but rather some details on Pest Management, some ideas of standards, certifications, etc. but alas nothing was mentioned or even discussed.

  4. avatar Nail Technician
    Advanced Pest Control

    Very informative things i have learnt i did not know

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