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This Charity Accounting course covers all aspects of accounting and financial management for charities, including fund accounting, reporting, and taxation. It is essential for anyone working in or with a charity and requires no prior experience.

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The Charity Accounting course provides a comprehensive understanding of charity accounting, including accounting standards, policies, concepts and principles, and fund accounting. The course covers charity reporting and accounts, including the Trustees’ Annual Report, balance sheet, and statement of financial activities.

Students will also learn about income streams and taxation for charities, as well as external scrutiny. This course is suitable for anyone working in or with a charity, and it will provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle the accounting and financial aspects of a charity effectively.

What Will You Learn?

  • Understand the concept of charity accounting and its importance for charitable organizations.
  • Learn about accounting standards, policies, concepts, and principles that apply to charities and how to implement them effectively.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of fund accounting and its significance for charities.
  • Develop the skills to prepare charity reporting and accounts, including the Trustees' Annual Report, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Financial Activities.
  • Learn to identify and understand different income streams that charities receive and how to report them accurately.
  • Learn about the Statement of Cash Flows and how to prepare it for charitable organizations.
  • Gain an understanding of taxation for charities and how to manage tax-related issues.
  • Understand the importance of external scrutiny and learn about different types of external scrutiny that charities may encounter.

Who Should Take The Course

The Charity Accounting course is designed for individuals who are involved in the financial management of charities, including trustees, charity accountants, and finance professionals. This course is suitable for both beginners and those with some knowledge of accounting principles who want to specialize in charity accounting.


The Charity Accounting course is designed for individuals who are involved in financial management and administration in the charity sector, including charity trustees, finance directors, and finance managers. Participants should have a basic understanding of accounting principles and terminology. It is recommended that participants have some experience in financial management or accounting, although this is not essential.

Course Curriculum

    • The Concept of Charity Accounting 00:45:00
    • Accounting Standards, Policies, Concepts and Principles 00:40:00
    • Fund Accounting 00:45:00
    • Charity Reporting and Accounts 00:40:00
    • Trustees’ Annual Report 00:35:00
    • Balance Sheet 00:45:00
    • Statement of Financial Activities 00:40:00
    • Understanding the Income Streams 00:50:00
    • Statement of Cash Flows 00:45:00
    • Taxation for Charities 00:40:00
    • External Scrutiny 00:40:00
    • Order Certificate 00:05:00

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  1. 1673807054 bpthumb Charity Accounting
    Jimmy David MbwandaJanuary 18, 2023 at 1:00 am

    Mind opening. that was fantastic.

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