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This advanced Chef Training Level 3 course covers a wide range of topics, including professional chef training, advanced cooking techniques, food safety, nutrition, and Italian cooking, chocolate making, and macaron mastery.

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This Chef Training Level 3 course builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in Chef Training Level 2. It covers a range of advanced topics, including a Diploma in Professional Chef, higher technician in cooking and gastronomy, food hygiene, health, and safety for chefs, food allergen awareness, nutrition and diet awareness, Italian cooking, chocolate making, and mastering the art of macarons.

By the end of the course, you will have gained extensive knowledge of the culinary arts, including advanced cooking techniques, food hygiene and safety, nutrition, and dietary requirements. You will also have gained practical experience in Italian cooking, chocolate making, and mastering the art of macarons. This course will prepare you to take on more challenging roles in the food industry, including head chef or executive chef positions.

What Will You Learn?

  • The advanced skills and techniques required to become a professional chef
  • Food hygiene, health, and safety practices specifically for chefs
  • How to identify and manage food allergens in cooking
  • The basics of nutrition and diet for a well-balanced menu
  • The art of Italian cooking, including pasta and sauce-making
  • How to make chocolate from scratch and create artisan chocolate desserts
  • Techniques for creating perfect, delicate macarons with a variety of flavours and fillings
  • Obtain a diploma in professional chef and become a higher technician in cooking and gastronomy

Who Should Take The Course?

This Chef Training Level 3 course is designed for individuals who have completed the Chef Training Level 2 course or have equivalent experience in the field. It is intended for those who want to further develop their skills and knowledge in professional cooking, food hygiene, and safety, as well as specialize in Italian cooking, chocolate making, and macaron preparation. It is suitable for aspiring chefs, professional cooks, and individuals who want to start their own food business.


There are no specific requirements for taking the Chef Training Level 3 course, but it is recommended that you have completed Chef Training Level 2 or have equivalent knowledge and experience in cooking and food preparation. A passion for cooking and a desire to learn new culinary skills is essential.

Course Curriculum

    • Diploma in Professional Chef 00:32:00
    • Higher Technician in Cooking and Gastronomy 00:35:00
    • Food Hygiene, Health and Safety for Chef 00:36:00
    • Food Allergen Awareness for Chef 00:38:00
    • Nutrition and Diet Awareness 00:34:00
    • Italian Cooking 00:35:00
    • Chocolate Making 00:35:00
    • Mastering the art of Macarons 00:35:00
    • Order Certificate 00:05:00

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