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This Computing Course covers the history and evolution of computers, characteristics of computer systems and components, basic applications of computers, data processing stages, hardware and software concepts, representation of data, programming languages, and the significance of ICT in our daily lives. Upon completion, you will have a strong foundation in computing concepts and their applications.

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6 hours, 32 minutes
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This Computing Course provides an in-depth understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles of computers and their applications. It covers the history of computers and their evolution to modern-day systems. You will learn about the characteristics of computer systems and their components, including input and output devices, computer memory and programming languages.

You will also gain knowledge about the basic applications of computers, including data processing and the different stages involved in it. The course will introduce you to the concept of hardware and software and the interplay between them. Additionally, you will explore the representation of data and information, as well as its significance in computer systems.

The course will provide a detailed overview of programming languages and their applications. You will learn about the various stages of data processing and the importance of Information, Communication, and Entertainment Technology (ICT) in the modern world. Upon completion of this Computing Course, you will have a solid foundation in computing concepts, their applications, and the role of ICT in our daily lives.

What Will You Learn?

  • A comprehensive understanding of the history of computers and how they have evolved to the modern-day systems we use today.
  • Knowledge of the characteristics of computer systems, including their various components and how they work together.
  • An understanding of basic applications of computers, such as data processing and information storage.
  • Familiarity with different input and output devices, including keyboards, mice, printers and displays.
  • Understanding of computer memory and storage, including RAM, ROM and hard drives.
  • Understanding of hardware and software components and how they interact with each other.
  • Familiarity with various programming languages and their applications in different fields.
  • An understanding of how data and information are represented in computers and how they are processed.
  • Familiarity with the different stages of data processing, from input to output.
  • Knowledge of the applications of Information, Communication, and Entertainment Technology (ICT) in our daily lives.

Who Should Take The Course

  • Students who are interested in pursuing further study in computer science or information technology.
  • Professionals who want to gain a better understanding of computing and information technology to enhance their skills and advance their careers.
  • Individuals who are interested in learning more about how computers work and how they are used in our daily lives.
  • Anyone who wants to develop a basic understanding of computer hardware, software, programming languages, and data processing.


To take this Computing Course, you will need access to a computer with an internet connection. You will also need basic computer skills, including the ability to use a web browser, word processing software, and email.

Course Curriculum

    • History of Computers 00:33:00
    • Characteristics of Computer System 00:31:00
    • Basic Applications of Computer 00:33:00
    • Components of Computer System 00:32:00
    • Input Devices 00:32:00
    • Output Devices 00:33:00
    • Computer Memory 00:33:00
    • Concept of Hardware and Software 00:33:00
    • Programming Languages 00:32:00
    • Representation of Data/Information 00:33:00
    • Data Processing & Data Processing Stages 00:31:00
    • Applications of IECT 00:31:00
    • Order Your Premium Certificate 00:05:00

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