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Uncover the intricacies of English Common Law and its legal system. Tailored for law students, legal professionals, and those intrigued by the complexities of English law. Enrol now for a comprehensive and enlightening exploration of the foundations and dynamics of the English legal system.

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2 hours, 18 minutes
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Embark on a comprehensive exploration of English Common Law and its legal foundations with our specialised course. From historical development to contemporary challenges, this programme provides an in-depth understanding of the English legal system.

What Will You Learn?

  • Introduction to Common Law and Legal Systems: Establish a foundational understanding of the common law framework.
  • Historical Development of English Common Law: Explore the evolution of the English legal system over time.
  • Sources of Law in the Common Law System: Investigate the diverse origins shaping common law principles.
  • Case Law and Precedent: Delve into the significance of legal precedents in the common law tradition.
  • Legal Institutions and the Judiciary: Understand the structure and role of legal institutions and the judiciary.
  • The Process of Adjudication: Learn the intricacies of the legal adjudication process.
  • Contracts and Tort Law: Examine the fundamentals of contract law and tort law.
  • Property Law and Land Ownership: Gain insights into property law and the principles of land ownership.
  • Family Law and Human Rights: Explore key aspects of family law and human rights within the legal system.
  • Legal Professionals and Ethics: Understand the roles of legal professionals and the ethical considerations they navigate.
  • Future Trends and Challenges: Anticipate and analyse future trends and challenges in English Common Law.
  • Review and Conclusion: Summarise and consolidate the knowledge acquired throughout the course.

Who Should Take The Course?

  • Law students seeking a comprehensive understanding of English Common Law.
  • Legal professionals aiming to enhance their knowledge of the English legal system.
  • Individuals interested in the historical and contemporary aspects of English law.
  • Those preparing for legal studies or professional practice in a common law jurisdiction.


  • Basic familiarity with legal concepts (recommended).
  • Access to a device with internet connectivity for course materials.
  • Eagerness to engage in discussions and analyses of legal principles.

Course Curriculum

    • Understanding Legal Systems 00:07:00
    • Origins and Evolution of Common Law 00:06:00
    • Primary Sources of Law 00:06:00
    • Understanding Case Law 00:07:00
    • The Role of Courts in the Legal System 00:06:00
    • Civil and Criminal Proceedings 00:06:00
    • Principles of Contract Law 00:05:00
    • Basics of Tort Law 00:06:00
    • Property Rights and Ownership 00:05:00
    • Family Law Principles 00:06:00
    • Human Rights in the Common Law System 00:05:00
    • Role of Legal Professionals 00:06:00
    • Modern Challenges in the Common Law System 00:06:00
    • Course Recap and Reflection 00:06:00
    • Exam of English Common Law and Legal System 00:50:00
    • Order Certificate 00:05:00

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