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Enroll in the Political Study Level 3 Advanced Diploma to deepen your understanding of political theory, governance, and global dynamics. Ideal for aspiring politicians, government officials, and those interested in policy analysis. Basic political knowledge, internet access, and proficiency in English are prerequisites for this advanced programme.

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15 hours, 23 minutes
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Embark on an intellectually stimulating journey through political studies with our Level 3 Advanced Diploma programme. Begin with a comprehensive exploration of Political Theory and Ideologies, laying the foundation for a nuanced understanding of political thought. Delve into Comparative Politics to analyze political systems across diverse societies and cultures. Gain insights into the intricate web of International Relations, examining the dynamics between nations.

Explore the intersection of politics and economics in Political Economy, and dissect the intricacies of decision-making through Public Policy Analysis. Master Political Research Methods to critically evaluate political phenomena. Understand the role of media in shaping perceptions with Political Communication and Media studies. Gain a comprehensive view of governance through Political Leadership and Governance, and explore the complexities of Politics and Identity.

What Will You Learn?

  • Political Theory and Ideologies
  • Comparative Politics
  • International Relations
  • Political Economy
  • Public Policy Analysis
  • Political Research Methods
  • Political Communication and Media
  • Political Leadership and Governance
  • Politics and Identity

Who Should Take The Course?

  • Aspiring Politicians
  • Government Officials
  • Policy Analysts
  • Journalists and Media Professionals
  • Anyone with an interest in Political Studies


  • Basic understanding of political concepts
  • Access to a Computer with Internet
  • Proficiency in English Language

Course Curriculum

    • Introduction to political theory and its relevance in modern politics 00:26:00
    • Classical political theories: Plato, Aristotle, Machiavelli, and Hobbes 00:25:00
    • Modern political ideologies: liberalism, conservatism, socialism, and feminism 00:22:00
    • Contemporary political theories: postmodernism, communitarianism, and multiculturalism 00:28:00
    • Comparative analysis of political systems and structures 00:25:00
    • Study of different forms of governance: democracy, authoritarianism, and totalitarianism 00:27:00
    • Comparative analysis of political institutions: executive, legislative, and judiciary 00:27:00
    • Case studies on political systems from different regions of the world 00:23:00
    • Introduction to international relations and global politics 00:26:00
    • Key theories in international relations: realism, liberalism, and constructivism 00:23:00
    • Study of global governance institutions: United Nations, World Bank, and International Monetary Fund 00:25:00
    • Analysis of contemporary global issues: terrorism, human rights, and climate change 00:28:00
    • Exploration of the relationship between politics and economics 00:25:00
    • Analysis of different economic systems: capitalism, socialism, and mixed economies 00:24:00
    • Study of economic policies and their impact on society 00:23:00
    • Examination of international trade and globalization 00:21:00
    • Understanding the policymaking process and its stakeholders 00:23:00
    • Analysis of public policy issues and decision-making models 00:22:00
    • Evaluation of policy implementation and its effectiveness 00:24:00
    • Case studies on key public policy areas: education, healthcare, and environmental policy 00:21:00
    • Introduction to research methods in political science 00:22:00
    • Quantitative research methods: surveys, experiments, and statistical analysis 00:22:00
    • Qualitative research methods: interviews, case studies, and content analysis 00:28:00
    • Ethical considerations in political research 00:23:00
    • Study of the role of media in politics and political communication 00:21:00
    • Analysis of political campaigns and public opinion formation 00:25:00
    • Exploration of the influence of social media on political discourse 00:26:00
    • Examination of media bias and its implications for democracy 00:20:00
    • Analysis of leadership styles and their impact on political decision-making 00:27:00
    • Study of the qualities and skills required for effective political leadership 00:21:00
    • Exploration of governance models and strategies for promoting good governance 00:28:00
    • Case studies on successful and failed political leadership 00:22:00
    • Understanding the intersection of politics and identity 00:23:00
    • Study of identity politics: race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality 00:21:00
    • Examination of social movements and their impact on political change 00:26:00
    • Analysis of policies promoting inclusivity and diversity 00:25:00
    • Exam of Political Study Level 3 Advanced Diploma 00:50:00
    • Order Certificate 00:05:00

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